Oct 17, 2010

UPDATED: Broken But Not Defeated

Two Cuban dissident wives of political prisoners, members of the Ladies in White have resurfaced marching just one week after having been beaten up, albeit one with a bandaged broken nose and the other with an arm in a cast. Men and German Shepherds from Castro's security apparatus reportedly approached them on October 10, attempted to strip them and then beat them. According to Miscelaneas de Cuba, Mrs. Sonia Garro Alfonso and Mrs. Mercedes Fresneda Castillo were able to prevent being raped by their screams and the intervention of people nearby. One allegedly had her bra forcefully removed.

Mrs. Sonia Garro Alfonso & Mrs. Mercedes Fresneda Castillo,
Broken nose and arm, but not defeated
Photo taken from Miscelaneas de Cuba

Tragically,the strategy of appealing to the regime is wrong given that it recognizes Castro as a legitimate authority and places the decision of Cuba´s and their husbands' destinies in his tyrannical hands.

Yet protesting in public, while lonely and painful, has been one of the most perfect gestures offered by Cuba to purge itself of its 51 year disease.

But what would happen if the Ladies in White (or others) began demanding a trial for the Castro brothers? More likely than not Castro would order a mob led by state security to go after them.

For neither Castro can ever be judged. They are both above any law. At least, that's what they think.


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