Oct 16, 2010

Castro Says Leave But Some Say No

The mother of the Cuban dissident dead from a hunger strike while in the Castro regime's prison custody, has been offered permission to leave Cuba. Unlike the United States, Cubans aren't allowed to leave or reenter their homeland without applying for permission from the tyranny. Permission is routinely denied to political opponents. The dead hunger striker's mother is undecided but has requested the remains of her son, Orlando Zapata Tamayo, who has become a national icon of the growing Cuban resistance movement.

His mother, Mrs. Reina Luisa Tamayo, is now an event too. She is a member of the renowned Ladies in White and a highly vocal critic of the tyranny. In the photograph below she is on the floor struggling against Castro's state security while protesting her son's death.

Mrs. Reina Luisa Tamayo (on the ground) vs.
Castro's State Security After Hunger Striker Son's Death

In a related development, 4 other political prisoners have been offered banishment into exile, but they have refused. According to Marti Noticias, Diosdado González Marrero, Librado Linares, Oscar Elías Biscet and Angel Moya Acosta refuse to leave Cuba voluntarily. Mrs. Alejandrina García de la Riva, Mr. Gonzalez Marrero's wife, reported (audio) that her husband had been contacted by Cardinal Jaime Ortega who inquired whether they wanted to leave the country.

After responding that he didn't, Mr. Gonzalez Marrero asked the Cardinal why political prisoners were only being released into exile. The Cardinal allegedly responded that all those who have been exiled would soon be free in their own homeland.


The video below from October 1 reveals how some have been inspired to begin taking a public stand for freedom while others appear to absolutely ignore them. They were reported to have subsequently been surrounded by a mob led by state security in an 'act of repudiation'.


Ladies in White: "We´re Not Afraid of You"