Oct 11, 2010

UPDATE - Mob Terrorizes Cuban Dissident Family

A Cuban dissident family in Guantanamo, Cuba has been attacked and is under siege by a pro-Castro mob of around 500 people. In a near panic state the family's mother alleges that her 9 year old son was struck in the face and that another dissident has been kidnapped.

The last heard is that the mob, which had been rattling the iron barred gates protecting her house, finally broke in while shouting through loudspeakers and hurling eggs and rocks at the property. Although some are armed with iron bars and sticks, they were effectively forced to retreat by the family's father wielding a machete. The mob is allegedly led by Castro's State Security forces attempting to stop a meeting of regime opponents that had been scheduled to meet at the family's home.

The story was first reported by Oswaldo Paya, leader of the Christian Liberation Movement, who also noted that Cuba's Military 'Junta' had just designated October 6 as Anti State Terrorism Day. Through his website he is asking the international media to go to the scene of the siege located at:
Carlos manuel de Cespedes #351 and corner of 6 Norte
Guantanamo, Cuba
He is also asking for international solidarity to stop this “Act of Repudiation” on the family and appealing for help from heads of all nations which oppose terrorism, international human rights organizations and Pope Benedict XVI.

Having began on October 10 at 5:00 A.M. the act of repudiation is now past its 36th hour.

Also on Sunday, two of the renowned Ladies in White reported having been beaten by Cuban State Security forces after having protested in Havana. According to Diario de Cuba, Sonia Garro Alfonso and Mercedes Fresneda Castillo were holding up a blanket that read "Down with racism and up with human rights", when they were shoved into a police car. One suffered a broken wrist and the other a broken nasal bridge. The officers that struck them were reportedly men. When they eventually went to a hospital for treatment they were refused a copy of the medical report. Both ladies are black.

The Castro regime recently forced several political prisoners into exile and promised there are more to come. It has also reached out to Israel while chastising Iran's Ahmadinejad for his denial of the holocaust in an apparent attempt to soften U.S. public opinion and help enable passage of U.S. legislation that would bring an estimated 2 million U.S. tourists to Cuba and $2 billion to the bankrupt regime.


Dissident Vladimiro Roca has now also been detained and reported missing by Radio Martí, also as of this past Sunday. He is the son of the founder of the Cuban Communist Party.


According to Europapress, Vladimiro Roca has been released.


No further news is available on the family of 3 under siege by a regime backed mob. Thus is Cuba, oscillating silently and invisibly between tyranny and mob-ocracy. Google doesn't care. Neither does Bing. Jerry Brown thinks it's paradise or some kind of model to be revered or something like that. So do some US Congressmen but for other reasons ($$). It's just what the United States needs to be, other luminaries will claim, with straight, earnest faces. Good night.


Audio of Mother's report (details emerge after first 4 1/2 minutes)

Oswaldo Paya's Audio report

Still No Political Prisoner Releases in Cuba Several political prisoners have been released into exile; none have been allowed to live freely in Cuba. Therefore, none have been 'freed', as had been announced on behalf of (and apparently as a courtesy to) the regime, by the Catholic Church.