Mar 13, 2010

Communist Cuban Musician Says Castro Should be Condemned If ...Sort of

Renowned Communist Cuban singer Pablo Milanés has said that if Cuban dissident and hunger striker Gillermo Fariñas were to die, Castro should be "condemned from a human point of view...for those are things you don´t do." Now really.

Milanés didn´t explain which Castro he meant, or if the condemnation should be in a Cuban courtroom or just symbolic. Furthermore, he didn´t mention why Castro shouldn´t also be condemned for Orlando Zapata Tamayo´s death. Zapata Tamayo is the political prisoner who died on February 23 in a Cuban prison after a hunger strike lasting over 80 days. His death has caused the regime to be chastised by the United States, the European Parliament and even by allies and investors such as Costa Rica, Canada, France and Spain.

In the early 1970´s Milanés rose to fame on the tyranny´s coattails by sweetening and popularizing its image among youth with romantic masterpieces like "Yolanda", just like Hollywood today. So, unsurprisingly, the singer didn´t mention any of the other murders and crimes the Castro tyranny has been accused of during the past 51 years.

Nor should one wonder why Milanes also failed to criticize Castro´s unconstitutional dictatorship. He clarified that he didn´t believe in elections either! So one could even conclude that Milanés was actually doing his buddy tyrant a huge favor while on a regime financed tour.

Perhaps his declaration could even be interpreted as a plea for absolution, that is, in case the Castros don´t allow Fariñas to die, and if they are ever brought to justice in a legitimate Cuban courtroom.