Mar 11, 2010

UPDATED: Bioethics À la Carte for the Castro Regime?

A 3 year old child is about to cross a busy avenue and will be certainly killed. One is in a position to pull him away. Should one reason with the child or immediately pull him out? Another case: an adult is about to jump off a 100 story building. One is in a position to successfully prevent him by using force. Should one try to reason with him even though this means he could jump, or immediately arrest him to save his life?

An ideological opponent is on a combined hunger and thirst strike, and will certainly go into shock or die unless he’s immediately arrested and forcefully hydrated and nourished intravenously. Should one wait for him to go into shock or die, or force him to be hospitalized, hydrated and nourished?

Cuban dissident hunger (and thirst) striker Guillermo Fariñas hasn't been hydrated in 8 days or eaten in 15, and has lost 28 pounds. He went into shock last week and was hydrated only then. He refuses to eat, drink or be hospitalized until he goes into shock. According to the Castro tyranny's doctors who visited him yesterday, Fariñas is suffering from "heart arrhythmia and severe dehydration" but since he refuses hospitalization they will continue to wait until he goes into shock (or dies).

Is this what they would also have done in the case of the three year old crossing the avenue and the suicide jumper, or do they just practice bio-ethics À la Carte when it comes to political opponents? What exactly are the bio-ethical principles the tyranny claims to be defending with political opponent Guillermo Fariñas?


As expected, Guillermo Fariñas became unconscious at 2:00 P.M. today and was finally hospitalized.

The story was reported by AFP.

See Dissidents Guillermo Fariñas (right) and Ismael Iglesias M.D. (left)
Photo from AFP

UPDATE ...March 12, 2010

While Fariñas reportedly continues hospitalized and will hopefully terminate his suicidal strike on tyranny and self, the Cuban tyranny is besides itself attempting to defend its positions, although still not in a constitutionally legitimate Cuban courtroom.

After 17 years of ruling Cuba by decree (1959-1976), having established a totalitarian state, and with a significant portion of the population in exile, Fidel Castro held a 'referendum' to replace Cuba´s legitimate constitution (the one Batista violated with a coup in 1952) with one where he's on top and there is no effective separation of powers. This makes it virtually impossible to bring him to justice for any crime.

That´s why there are no constitutionally legitimate courts in Cuba. The counterfeit legal system in place is there to protect tyranny, not justice.

That's why among Cuba´s political prisoners are the nations' foremost patriots.


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