Feb 18, 2010

Google vs. Invisible Cuba

Apparently mighty Google has classified Invisible Cuba as spam.

Isn't that something?

I discovered this while attempting to save one of my published posts (Nov 3, 2009) as a draft, only to be sent to a page with error message bX-9do1tz.

I asked in the Google help forum and someone immediately replied that my blog had likely been classified as spam. My options, I was told, are to delete the blog or go through a 4 step process which assumes that my request for reclassification (as not- spam) will be rejected, and that I'll have to appeal (in the fourth step) to the great and mighty Google.


UPDATE .. March 11, 2010

It´s unclear if Invisible Cuba is still being classified as spam by Google, for I´m no longer getting an error message. Perhaps they just made it more invisible. I don´t know.

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