Mar 6, 2010

Political Opponent, Potential Suicidée or Common Criminal?

Is Castro’s regime treating Cuban dissident and hunger striker Guillermo Fariñas as a potential suicide victim or as a political opponent? Hospitalized on March 3 after collapsing unconscious, Mr. Fariñas was immediately released to his home but not placed on a suicide watch.

Mr. Fariñas is ready to die, at least that is what he assures everyone:.
"I am ready in this hunger strike to go to the ultimate consequences, including my death."
His previous fasts have lasted even 6 months. However, in the past the regime has hospitalized him and, unlike hunger striker Orlando Zapata, he has survived. Not this time it seems. At least that is what Fariñas, a former fighter for Cuba's Angolan forces, has informed Raul Castro in his letter to him, dated March 5.
"Three companions of mine, very close to you, have sent me messages updating me that you have given the pertinent orders, such that I be let to die." (Excerpt of Fariñas´ March 5 letter to Raul Castro)
Regardless what he calls it, Fariñas is obviously attempting suicide to attract attention to political prisoners whose lives are also in danger. Otherwise he would drink water and eat. He is morally wrong to use suicide even for this high purpose, and should desist as other political allies and opponents, and even Tamayo’s mother (and this writer) have requested. However, given that he has continued to insist on killing himself, he should have immediately been given medical assistance to prevent his death, and placed on a suicide watch. This has not happened. Why? What does it mean? Are they going to let him die?

Does it mean that this is how the Castro regime has decided to treat likely suicide victims in Cuba, or only those that are political opponents? Does it mean that they just can't respond rationally to his criticisms and want him dead? Or does it mean that they will treat him as a ‘common criminal’ , which is how the regime’s media monopoly described now dead dissident, and hunger striker,Orlando Zapata Tamayo? If none of these, then why doesn't the regime immediately hospitalize Fariñas to prevent the suicide?

He was hydrated on Wednesday when he was hospitalized, but otherwise has not eaten for 10 days (or been hydrated in 3!). He must be either immediately hospitalized and placed on suicide watch (preferably with independent family approved observers), or the political prisoners he's doing this for must be immediately released. Otherwise, Guillermo Fariñas will almost certainly kill himself.


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