Feb 26, 2010

Another Suicidal Hunger Striker in Cuba

Last night Cuban dissident Guillermo Fariñas initiated a hunger strike, announcing that he will not drink water either. If all dissidents kill themselves, there will be no dissidents left, and this will of course delight the tyrants, Fidel and Raul Castro.

Photo from
Miscelaneas de Cuba.net

Hopefully Mr. Fariñas will come to his senses and cease attempting suicide. Instead, Cubans must consider if and how a just war can be waged to overthrow the tyranny, not insult the Creator by committing suicide.

Cubans must also stop regarding the tyranny as omnipotent for that is idolatry.

We must straighten our relationship with God, for if he is with us, we are unbeatable.


Fariñas Debe Desistir de Huelga de Hambre (2-27-2010/Spanish)

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