Mar 25, 2010

The Win-Win

The Republican Governor of Georgia wants to do business with the tyranny in Cuba. After all, the Cuban tyranny breeds slaves which they force to work for $11-20 per month, and Georgia could feed them chicken and eggs, just like in the old days. In addition, the Governor is interested in that really lucrative tourist industry. He can feed the tourists too, and maybe even employ some Cuban (no, not American, so it's OK) slaves. It would be a win-win for Georgia and the Cuban tyranny.

Gee, if only the tyranny could release the American Jew they have detained for helping Cuban Jews. That could surely help clinch the U.S. Senate's approval to lift the travel ban too. Forget Batista and Castro: that would really be a coup. At least that's what Sen. Byron Dorgan (Democrat-North Dakota) thinks.

If only they could free this American Jew who was distributing computers to the Cuban (oops, Jewish) slaves, the consciences of Americans could work with the Cuban slave owners, just like it used to be (for some) in the United States. Count North Dakota in; it's a win win for their Senator too.

Comparing Cuba with China , the Senator argued it would be no different than what the U.S. does with that threat. Threats are apparently the only other issue, as far as this Senator is concerned. He didn't mention slavery or the grave violation of objective and universal human rights by the partners he proposes for North Dakotans. That's not their, or his problem, or of the United States in which he believes.

History repeats itself? Progress?
A Replica of "Amistad", the 19th century slave ship,
sails into Havana Harbor on March 25, 2010,
waving the flags of Cuba and The United States.

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