Oct 12, 2010

Siege on Dissident Cubans Lifted But Pushed to Leave

Radio Marti has just reported that the siege on the Cuban family was lifted this morning. No explanation was provided as to what motivated the Castro regime to do so, or to have led a mob to besiege them in the first place. But Mrs. Rodriguez, the lady of the house, had this to say:
"...They don't tell us why. They only incite people to scream at us 'worms', mercenaries', go away, and all of the phrases that the whole world already knows. But they don't explain why."
But they don't need to, for as everyone knows, a tyranny does not consider itself accountable to anyone, let alone its subjects. Cuba's is backed by a well paid mob-o-cracy, and some day may possibly be even financed by United States tourists.

What happened to these people is similar to what happens to illegal Hispanic immigrants in the United States, except that they are not illegal or immigrants. They are natives, legitimately in their own country, and yet are being asked, in not very nice terms, to leave.

The Golden Rule dictates that Americans who don't ever want something like this happening to them in the United States should not support a tyranny that does it to Cubans.


The following photos seemingly taken after the siege have just been published. Note the reversed Cuban flag on the second photo.

9 year old dissident family´s son reportedly struck by Cuban State Security/Mob
Photo taken from Miscelaneas de Cuba

Besieged family and the members of the oriental branch of the
Partido Democrático 30 de Noviembre Frank País


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