Oct 11, 2010

Google Hides Abuses in Cuba (Again)

Google has pushed to near obscurity the unfolding story of a Cuban dissident family under siege by a mob of 500. While the story has been reported by several blogs, one can hardly find it in Google. Why so if not because Google's algorithms tip the scales to hide from view human rights abuses in Cuba? Those reporting life threatening abuses shouldn't have to word stories so that Google accepts them. That's censorship. Google is the one that needs to change its algorithms to prioritize reporting of abuses in Cuba. Would it ever have hidden a story like this about a family under siege by a mob in Silicon valley? Of course not. So what is motivating it to do so with Cuba?

The following are the stories I found in the first page of a Google news or blog search using “Cuba” as the search term, at 8PM on October 10, several hours after blogs started reporting the family under siege:

As of today, October 11 at 8PM:

Google's top 10 “Cuba” Blog stories
  1. Liz Neumark: A Taste of Cuba
  2. VA - Musica de Cuba [2CDs] » RSMatrix RapidShare - MegaUpload free
  3. Cuba looks ready to allow small loans for reforms | Antigua ...
  4. News flash: Cuba
  5. Free | free three prisoners in Cuba 52 operations, not to church
  6. Sparks recounts meeting with Castro for Cuba Week | The Crimson White
  7. Brazil beat Cuba to seal third straight world title - Stabroek ...
  8. Watch Cuba vs Brazil live stream free online streaming Oct 10
  9. Capitol Hill Cubans: Will Democrats Reject Chamber's Cuba Policy?
  10. International Political Economy Zone: Vile Capitalists Invade Cuba ...
Google's top 10 “Cuba” News stories
  1. Brazil Defeats Cuba, Regains World Championship Title
  2. Four injured following single vehicle crash near Cuba
  3. Experts examine how Cuba's offshore oil could be 'game changer'
  4. Cuba looks ready to allow small loans for reforms
  5. Pan Am Update: Unbeaten US Faces Cuba On Monday
  6. A Taste of Cuba
  7. Sparks kicks off UA's Cuba Week
  8. Cuba To Free 3 More Political Prisoners
  9. Ahmadinejad stresses employment of Iran-Cuba potentials to boost ties
  10. Horse and buggy struck by allegedly intoxicated woman


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