Mar 21, 2011

Obama Vs. Obama's Shadow on Cuba

At the Palacio de las Monedas in Chile today, President Obama spoke of his commitment to the "independence of the Cuban people" and placed his hopes on "Cuban authorities" who he insisted "must take some meaningful actions to respect the basic rights of their own people — not because the United States insists upon it, but because the people of Cuba deserve it." Now really.

Obama's shadow: Cubans deserve it and therefore I believe Fidel will wake up from his trance and their nightmare. Or maybe Raul will ... and that will suffice.

President Obama continued: "Let’s never waver in our support for the rights of people to determine their own future — and, yes, that includes the people of Cuba. Since taking office, I’ve announced the most significant changes to my nation’s policy towards Cuba in decades. I’ve made it possible for Cuban Americans to visit and support their families in Cuba. We’re allowing Americans to send remittances that bring some economic hope for people across Cuba, as well as more independence from Cuban authorities."

Me: Come on, don't hold back. Don't hide it now. Say it: You licensed eight more airports, now 11, to fly all Americans with a cultural interest in Castro to Cuba to pay their tributes with American dollars (that should really be going to the aching Miami and South Floridian Cuban exile and Latin American immigrant tourism driven economy).

Obama's shadow: Man, Fidel ... Raul ... wake up.... This is the mother of all bribes. I'm sending billions your way. Come on guys, don't pretend you don't know that I know that you control everything...yes...the banks too....And Cuban exiles. Just wait and see. I'll bribe you too.

President Obama: "Going forward, we’ll continue to seek ways to increase the independence of the Cuban people, who I believe are entitled to the same freedom and liberty as everyone else in this hemisphere. I will make this effort to try to break out of this history that’s now lasted for longer than I’ve been alive."

Obama's shadow: That's why I'm bribing Fidel and Raul like no one ever has before. We never went this far with Batista. I'm sure this strategy will work. If it doesn't, some of my supporters at least will be wealthier too. It's a win win with Fidel.

President Obama:
"The lessons of Latin America, I believe, can be a guide — a guide for people around the world who are beginning their own journeys toward democracy."

Obama's shadow: Just look at how almost all of them have supported Fidel in Cuba. Hey, I heard Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Mexico were all warned ahead about that poor guy (now what was his name? Zapata Tamayo? And his poor mom too.) who was starved to death by, ja, ja, "the Cuban Authorities", and apparently did nothing to prevent it. I read how Lula uselessly tried to defend himself after the letter showing that he had been previously informed ... by Invisible Cuba ...was published. The others did not even speak up. But they received the plea for help ahead of time too. That's the way to go. Just do as they do and smile. It's worked for them and for Fidel, hasn't it?

President Obama:
"There is no one model for democratic transitions."

Obama's shadow: That's right. Just look at Cuba. Their good old revolution to cure Batista's coup on Cuba's democracy has been going on for 52 years.

President Obama: "But as this region knows, successful transitions do have certain ingredients. The moral force of nonviolence."

Obama's shadow: That's right. That's why we are bribing Fidel. No force. Just money. It'll be a win win this time.

President Obama: "Dialogue that’s open and inclusive."

Obama's shadow: Who says criminals shouldn’t be a part of it? Who says murdering more than 8000 of your own people and goading 3-4 million into exile is so bad? Hey, no one is perfect.

President Obama: "The protection of basic rights, such as peaceful expression and assembly. Accountability for past wrongs. And matching political reform with economic reform, because democracy must meet the basic needs and aspirations of people."

Me: Oh, but wait, maybe Obama is serious. Now I'm confused. So the Castros are to be held “accountable for past wrongs” (trashing the Cuban constitution, murders, summary trials, false imprisonments, theft, three to four million exiles). But they are also trusted to remain in charge, and lead political and economic reform?

He can't be serious. That can't be what he means. But if it isn't, then why is he sending billions their way?