May 12, 2011

Invisible Cuba Announces New Web Address (and new content)

Invisible Cuba will henceforth be published at

UPDATE MAY 19, 2011

The following posts have been recently published at the new address:

May 19, 2011 New Evidence Dead Dissident Was Beaten Up
tweet from an allegedly assassinated Cuban dissident’s pastor upends the Castro regime’s contention that it did not beat up the victim 3 days prior to his death. While the regime contends that Mr. Juan Wilfredo Soto García died of a pancreatic disease on May 8, his pastor declares in a You Tube video that on May 5 he had tweeted..."

May 18, 2011 Cuban Refuses Military Service, Serves Someone Else

May 17, 2011 Hague Court Wants Gaddafi Arrested But Why Now?

May 16, 2011 Cuban Dissident Home Under Attack – UPDATED

May 14, 2011 Another Kind of Revolution
"Then he told the few that were gathered how Mr. Soto’s blood also cried out to God....The pastor further proclaimed that “Wifredo’s blood has not been shed in vain…and that it announces a Cuba that is about to arrive.” ...Then he accused someone (it is unclear who he refers to) of responding to God just like Cain and boldly concluding that the Cuban regime is cursed and has signed its own death sentence....That did not stop him from asking for forgiveness towards Mr. Soto’s personal aggressors and calling for national reconciliation."

May 12, 2011 - Cardinal Ortega, Conscience and Totalitarian Cuba
Creighton will award the cardinal “an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree at …the Spring Commencement on May 14.” Hopefully we will know ...One wonders what the Archbishop of Omaha thinks of the Cardinal visiting and lecturing in his archdiocese about Catholics in totalitarian Cuba. ...Some have been characterizing the Cardinal as an emissary of the tyranny..."