May 11, 2009

Cuban Police Beat Up 3 Women Attempting to Visit Dissident Antúnez (Video)

While walking towards the house where Cuban dissident Jorge Luis García Pérez, Antuñez, is under siege by Cuban State Security since March, 3 Cuban women were detained and beaten up by Cuban State Security (see video below). They reported (hear audio) being taken to a wagon where they were thrown on the floor and kicked; one was struck on her breasts and kidneys, another on her mouth and the third laterally.

Will the Congressional Black Caucus now express their outrage? Jesse Jackson Sr. or Jr.? Al Sharpton? How about Oakland's Ella Baker Center for Human Rights?

Or, absent any outrage, should we assume each and all consent?

Don't Ask Stupid Questions
Report of Attempt to Visit Antúnez and Cubans under Siege in Placetas
Updated below on May 13 at 11:15 AM FROM ARGENTINA
Almost 36 hours after publication this post cannot be found by the Google search engine or the others that depend on it. The world's most used search engine continues to subtly but systematically censor news coming from Cuban dissidents related to human rights violations. Meanwhile many newspapers are plagued by gaps in their Cuba coverage (e.g. live reporting on Antúnez) and, like Google, they adopt increasingly subjective editorial criteria. As far as coverage of Cuba is concerned Google and most of the news media have been reduced to the pursuit of clicks.
Updated below on May 13 at 3:15 PM FROM ARGENTINA
My post "Cuban Police Beat Up 3 Women Attempting to Visit Dissident Antúnez (Video)" is finally found in Google's search engine but only 4 hours after reporting Google's censorship in my previous update and in this blog; and 40 hours after originally posting it.

However it cannot be found if one searches by date using 'Cuba' or 'Cuba repression' as keywords. The Cuban tyranny was elected to the United Nations Human Rights council the same day as my post. That piece of news is of course is easily found on Google.

By blocking this post for 40 hours Google made it effectively invisible in blog searches by date. In addition, given a human rights bias that favors Castro and friends while hiding posts by Castro's opponents (exiles, etc.) it effectively makes it invisible in blog searches by 'relevance'. Thus Invisible Cuba is the title of this blog.