Apr 21, 2009

Cuba: Preliminary Proposal for a Peace Agreement between Cubans and the End of the Embargo

Ideally all Cubans could agree on living together under one ideology or another, but given the evident difficulties with that, what follows is a general outline of the minimum requirements for a peace agreement that could be implemented:

1.The Castro regime would consent for opponents of the regime inside Cuba to organize and participate in the election of representatives for all resident and exiled opponents; and would commit to not intervene in any way with this process.

2.Both sides (elected opposition representatives and the Castro regime) would meet to reach an agreement on the division of the total territory of the Cuban archipielago into at least 2 parts with the following required conditions:
--Each of the parts would be independently governed.

--All Cubans would be entitled to freely choose which part they want to live in and be provided with the means to express it under the supervision of international independent observers.

--The size of each of these 2 parts would be proportional to the number of Cubans who express their desire to inhabit or belong to it.
3.Authorized representatives of each part would sign a territorial division and mutual non-agression pact which would include all that would be forseebly necessary for peaceful convivience and also require both to jointly request an end to the US embargo.

4.Each part would be required to ratify it independently with their respective constituencies.

Please note that this is only a very general outline and that, in addition, a number of optional provisions have intentionally not been included. Let's see if we can first get somewhere with this.

I ask the Castro regime and its opponents to kindly meditate on it.

For example, I'm interested in learning what benefits and risks Cubans see for both parts? How might these be respectively increased and diminished for both sides?

Please feel free to submit any serious comments or questions you may have or to write to me at ddeeee1@gmail.com.

Please forward this proposal to others who may be interested in knowing about it or contributing ideas. Thank you very much.